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Why Writewith.AI

Writewith.AI is an AI driven ad description generator. It taps into a database of high-performance historical PPC ads for a thousands of keywords to understand how to write a compelling copy that converts.

Just enter the keyword for your copy, add several key phrases describing your product, click a button and watch Writewith.AI generating dozens of unique ad descriptions in seconds.

What do we do?

For the moment, Writewith.ai does just one thing: automating the process of digital ad copywriting. Our platform does it for any domain, any product, and any audience.

All we need from you to get started is the keyword and a brief you were planning to use to advertise your product on the Google Ads platform. Once the project has been set up, our platform will generate a set of ads, which you can use in the advertisement campaign straight away.

How does it work?

We use the most recent breakthrough in natural language processing to produce the raw versions of the ads using keywords as an input. Our automatic agent taps into a database of historical high-performance PPC ads for thousands of keywords to understand how to write a compelling copy that converts.

We control the platform output for a particular use case using the customer's input. We also optimize the set of parameters controlling the AI agent to guarantee the best possible quality.

We filter out ungrammatical, biased, and erroneous ads from the system output by applying an AI-driven quality control mechanism.

Pick the ads you like or send them all to the Google Ads engine for A/B testing.

Our story

Founded by experts in software engineering and natural language processing, WriteWith.AI’s mission is to teach computers how to write creative texts.

We believe that the world needs a platform for automatic text generation that would help humans to write textual content at scale. Our goal is to enable copywriters and content managers to unlock their creativity and boost the productivity of their work.

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